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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protected Designation of Origin - Sabina DOP

We grow native olive cultivars on the rugged slopes of the Apennines.

Carboncella and Leccino: these two varieties together give our oil the delicate aroma and the intense, bitter and piquant flavor of our land. We work our land ethically, exclusively with organic methods.

We press the olives within 6 to 12 hours of harvesting, at our oil mill, right on the farm’s hill.

The very short production chain, managed entirely within our estate, guarantees absolute quality: we do not compromise, never.

Our olive oil tells our tale: a tale of wild mountains and stubborn farmers.


Small, green olives; once upon a time called “summer oil” by the ancient farmers as the oil pressed from these fruits retained a fresh flavor until summer days.

A rare variety, due to the slow growth of the trees, native of Sabina.


This very special variety greatly benefits from the unique micro-climate of our land thanks to its resilience to cold.

If correctly milled, these fruits gift us with a peculiar aromatic and freshly flavored oil.


Echoes of ancient myths linger in Sabina.

Through fields and crops, in the waters, across villages and in the woods: it is still possible to perceive, even today, the influence of the most mysterious divinity of this territory: Vacuna.

The elusive, ambiguous, and often silent goddess: the only way to find her, to feel her, is to contemplate nature and devote yourself to it. The cult of Vacuna is bound to fertility, harvest, to the rest after hard work in the fields.

Searching for Vacuna means searching for the true history of our land and give it back its dignity and its magic, valuing hard work as well as the rest that follows it.

Some might’ve lost their memory of ancient rites, no longer believing in their sacred influence but, every time a long day of work comes to an end, and we rest looking at the fruit of our labor, we cannot deny that, maybe only for a moment, we can feel Her around us: a sudden breeze whispering through the crops or, sometimes, a distant call from the woods.
Our Oil

Passion, recognized
and certified

Compliance with strict processing parameters allowed us to receive the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) certification for our Olive Oil, uniquely identifying its artisanal origin.

The unyielding commitment to adhere to Organic methodologies it’s also essential to our work: “organic” means “ethical” to us.
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Our Oil

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Our Oil


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