The Farm

The Farm

Over 50 hectares, atop and all around the “Pomato” hill: here stands our farm, at the base of the Lucretili Mounts Natural Reserve.

The oil mill, the stables and the farm’s butchery, the staff’s residences and the imposing manor, the chapel, the orchard and the vineyard, gardens and olive groves, there’s even a cave system, once used to store and protect oil and wine.

All immersed in the peculiar rural landscape of Sabina, among centuries-old olive groves and beautiful orchards.

At the Borgia Oil Mil


It’s late fall, olives harvesting time: the lifecycle of the fruits comes to an end and the transformation begins.

Nature itself, through its colors, suggests when the fruits reach the optimal degree of ripeness: we wait for the right veraison, when the green olives start turning purple and black. That’s the time when the olives are richer in polyphenols and gifted with superior organoleptic qualities: harvesting can start.

We do not use mechanical shakers, to protect the centennial olive trees populating our land and preserve their fruits.

The harvested olives await pressing right inside the mill, sheltered from rain and frost.


We cold press the olives always within 6 – 12 hours from harvesting, to preserve both nutritional and organoleptic qualities.

The modern, Sabina PDO certified Alfa-Laval continuous-cycle mill ensures absolute quality: the perfect combination of tradition and technology.

We perform an additional washing with running water and a careful examination of the olives right before the shredding phase. The separation phase is constantly supervised, and the processing gets calibrated and optimized on each batch.

Just as each day of harvest is different from the previous one, each hill and each grove has different cultivars and microclimate: observing the fruits about to be transformed is the first secret for a tailor-made, flawless processing.
The Farm

Tenimenti Borgia Soc. Agricola S.r.l.

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The Farm


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