The scent of the origins

The echo of ancient myths pervades the Sabina. In the waters, in the countryside, among the cultivations, in the villages and in the woods it is possible to perceive, still today, the beneficial influence of the most mysterious divinity of this territory: Vacùna. The goddess that is and is not there, the silent goddess. The only way to find it, to perceive it, is to contemplate nature, to dedicate oneself to it. The cult of Vacùna is linked to fertility, harvest, rest after hard work, but also to victory. The Sabini, and then the Romans, turned to her when, after having worked the fields hard, they found themselves in the warm home at the end of a tiring day.
Vacùna is the origin, the memory of our territory. It can be found in the names of some places of Sabina – Vacone, Bacugno, Bocchignano – in the mythical geography of the lakes – Paterno, with its legendary central island on which it is said there was a shrine dedicated to her – in the festivals that still animate the villages of the area – in Vacone the Sacra Vacunae are celebrated every year. The term “Sabina” is also traced back to her, daughter of the Sabo god (Sabus). It is a distant echo, perhaps, but one that we can still hear in nature, in daily life and in work.
Searching for Vacùna means looking for the history of the territory and restoring its dignity and magic, it means honoring the hard work and rest that follows, it means valuing the time we dedicate to ourselves.
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